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Moyett Wade

My name is Monyett Wade. My role at Show & Tell is Treasurer of the Board and I am a first time board member. I current hold the position of Treasurer for the nonprofit organization. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.

I currently work for RK Industries LLC., a privately-owned company as the Accounts Payable Supervisor. My prior positions also included supervisory and managerial roles with other companies. I have always loved numbers, often excelling in math courses throughout my educational experiences.

As a child, I grew up with physical disabilities, a hearing loss and nerve damage in my right arm due to spinal meningitis. None of these disabilities hindered my ability to learn with my peers and was a mentor to others with disabilities.

I am a proud member of Colorado Christian Fellowship, a mother of 3 adult children; 2 daughters and 1 son and have 2 grandchildren.

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