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Special Education

Special education — specialized instruction designed to meet the unique needs of children with disabilities — and related services are provided in public schools at no cost to parents. It can include special instruction in classrooms, homes, hospitals, institutions, or other settings.


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) gives eligible children with disabilities the right to receive special services and assistance in school. The law offers guidance in special education procedures.

In the U.S., more than 7.3 million children receive special education and related services each year.*

*Students with disabilities who are ineligible for special education may receive reasonable accommodations through a 504 Plan.

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IDEA’s definition of a “child with a disability” lists 13 categories:




Hearing Impairment

Intellectual Disabilities

Multiple Disabilities

Orthopedic Impairment

Other Health Impairment

Serious Emotional Disturbance

Specific Learning Disability

Speech or Language Impairment

Traumatic Brain Injury

Visual Impairment, including Blindness

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