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Journey to Adulthood

An effective transition to adulthood is based on individual needs and consists of coordinated activities in the following domains:

  • Education is the process of obtaining and developing knowledge and skills, specifically through formal experiences. Education participation refers to the ability to access and engage in appropriate programs, and\or courses, for life-long learning.

  • Career is a person’s progress in any trade, profession or occupation. Career participation refers to the ability to achieve a satisfactory level of suitable and meaningful work that will provide income and/or personal satisfaction.

  • Community / Independent Living are the places where people live, work and interact. Community participation refers to the ability to access resources including people, places, services and activities and contributing to the maximum extent possible.

  • Communication and Interaction Skills are the processes of giving and receiving information used effectively in appropriate settings.

  • Social Interaction is the ability to competently relate to others, exchange information and accomplish tasks.

  • Recreation and Leisure Activities are the ways people spend their free time. Recreation and leisure participation refers to the ability to access and participate in activities related to sports, hobbies, special interests, and/or relaxation activities.

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